About Me


I was born and raised in High Heaton, Newcastle My father was a painter and decorator and my mother was a shop manager, I have lived and worked all over the region from Heaton to Hexham, Sunderland to Creswell I love the North East it is in my DNA.

I now live in Oxclose Washington with My wife, who is a sister at Sunderland Royal hospital, we have 4 Children, Matthew, Abigail, Jacob & Melodie.

We also have Shadow the Labrador and Maggie the German shepherd who accompany me on many of my ward walks.

I began my professional career in the Royal Navy, training as A chef I served around the world traveling to every continent.

As a royal navy veteran, I am proud to have served My country and proud to have  been a part of such a prestigious and historic institution. The training, discipline, instilled a deep sense of pride which will never leave me,

I have worked all over the UK and the world since leaving the Forces including Germany, France & London,

I always know I am home when i see the angel of the North, it brings a smile to my face every time.

I currently work as a Area operations manager for a Hotel chain, overseeing the daily operations and performance of multiple locations I support branch managers, as well as ensure compliance with company policies and procedures, analyze performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to increase productivity and efficiency. I manage budgets, staffing, and resolving operational issues to ensure optimal performance.

In my spare time I enjoy playing rugby and watching Newcastle falcons,  Mountain biking around Northumberland and kayaking.



I didn`t get involved in politics until 2019, I joined the conservative party at the time because traditional British values are important to me Democracy, The rule of law. individual liberty, Mutual respect are all things that matter to me

However the conservative party are no longer conservative, they no longer represent the values I, and many others Believe in,     Reform UK do. I served as a Councillor for the Washington South ward 2021/2024, I was fortunate to be selected as the Reform UK candidate to contest the first North East Regional Mayor elections, finishing 4th with 41,147 votes, I came second in Sunderland beating the well funded Conservative candidate and the indipendent who was the favourite to win.

Our flawed political system is a magnet for power-seekers rather than those seeking to serve the public, too few politicians are focusing on the public's interests. there is a real lack of quality councillors and MPs, many serve their own interest and those of the party they serve, with the public being an after thought.

I believe in prioritising the needs and concerns of the community above all else. With a strong focus on people before politics. I am dedicated to creating positive change and serving the people of Washington, The North East and the United Kingdom, I want to shake up the political landscape both locally and nationally, like many people I beleive we need to have strong politicians with leadership skills and the ability to inspire and unite communities.

I want to address these underlying issues by promoting transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in politics and help attract and retaining competent individuals as councillors and MPs, regardless of your political affiliation if you are willing to work along side me and others in the best interest of the community and the people we serve then you will have my respect and that of the public.

I am committed to transparency, integrity, and accountability in politics,  Reform UK have NO whip system which means I am free to vote and work in your best interest not that of any political party or union.