Working for You

I believe in prioritising the needs and concerns of the community above all else. With a strong focus on people before politics. I am dedicated to creating positive change and serving the people of The North East and the United Kingdom.

To that end I am proud to be standing as the Reform UK candidate for Washington & Gateshead South

I am not your " Typical career politician " that`s for sure, and that is what we need, someone who will put people before politics.

I got involved with politics because I wanted to improve the lives of those around me, you can help me with that aim, We can improve the lives of everyone across Washington & Gateshead South




"I will strive to create a safer and more vibrant communities, where opportunities for growth and success are accessible to all.

We have immense potential that lies within our local area that can be expolred with Me as your local member of parliment I will always put Washington and Gateshead first"

Please complete this short survey to help me work better for you and our community

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved with your campaign ?

  • You can donate to my campaign fund via the donate button on this page
  • Get involved by attending my community meetings and volunteering with leaflet deliveries
  • sharing my work on social media and spreading the word that there is an alternative to the failed two-party system
  • Organising events where I am happy to come and speak about my plans

How can I arrange a meeting with You ?

You can arrange a meeting by using the contact me selection alternatively you can visit my social media below, however

Messages via social media are not always picked up straight away

Why should I vote for you ?

  • Reform UK have no whip system, which means I can vote, campaign and work in the best interest of the public, not those of any party or union
  • I am not a typical career politician that the public is sick and tired of, I work for you, No one else

Is a vote for Reform a vote for Labour ?

No, This is the line the Conservatives like to use to try and scare the public into voting for them

As we have seen in Sunderland & Washington recently the Conservatives can not win here, Reform came second in many seats in the local elections beating the liberals and Cons

If you don't want labour then Reform UK is the answer